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Witcher 2 DRM Dumped, But CD Projekt Is Watching Torrents

Following reports that security features were damaging the playing experience of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, today CD Projekt will release an update to remove all DRM from the game. But while the company informs TorrentFreak it was pleased to avoid a pre-release on this major title, as promised…

DRM-Free Witcher 2 Cashes in On BitTorrent Pirates

Since its release in May this year, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has sold over a million copies worldwide. Unfortunately, though, the game has also been plagued by piracy. But for the makers this isn't much of a problem since they are making money on both sides, by getting…

RIAA Stops Lawsuits, But Not the Threats

For years the RIAA has been filing lawsuits against thousands of individuals who allegedly shared copyrighted music. Following recent court setbacks, the lobby group has announced it will stop mass lawsuits. Instead, it will focus on cutting deals with ISPs to disconnect 'IP-addresses' that repeatedly share copyrighted music.

30,000 Internet Users to Receive File-Sharing Cash Demands

As many as 25,000 BT and 5,000 customers of other ISPs will be receiving shock letters demanding big payments during the coming weeks. Lawyers in the UK have been granted more court orders which force ISPs to hand over the details of individuals who they say have been monitored sharing…

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