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Anti-Piracy Police Begin Targeting eBook Pirates

After very publicly taking down a number of sites offering music, movies and TV shows without permission, City of London Police appear to have taken down their first ebook-related domain. OnRead is now under police investigation but according to its operators the site operated legally. That seems unlikely, however.

EBook Sellers Strike Deal To Share Customer Details With Anti-Piracy Outfit

A new digital distribution agreement for eBook platforms will formalize a system for identifying customers whose purchases later appear on the Internet. The deal will see eBook sellers watermark digital downloads and log them against specific customer accounts. That data will be kept for a minimum of two years just…

New DRM Changes Text of eBooks to Catch Pirates

A new form of DRM developed in Germany alters words, punctuation and other text elements so that every consumer receives a unique version of an eBook. By examining these "text watermarks", copies that end up on the Internet can be traced back to the people who bought and allegedly pirated…

File-Sharers Will Not Be Held Liable For Piracy, Russia Says

As Russia tries to find a balanced solution to the thorny issue of Internet piracy, the head of a government department responsible for communications and information technology says that attacking Internet users is not the solution. Speaking at the launch of a nationwide campaign to promote legal eBook purchases, Vladimir…

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