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Morgan Freeman: Movie Pirates Have Tiny, Useless Penises

Over the years anti-piracy PSAs haven't enjoyed a great reception, with many ending up as objects of ridicule. Nevertheless, next year it appears Hollywood will have another shot. Who knows whether the PSAs will be successful but leaked scripts seen by TorrentFreak are both hilarious and controversial.

Kim Dotcom Releases New Raid Footage Captured By In-House CCTV

Following the high-profile raid on his New Zealand mansion in 2012, Kim Dotcom released dramatic film of the event taken from police helicopters. Now the Megaupload founder is back with new footage captured by his own in-house CCTV system. Among other events, the new material shows police carrying machine guns…

MPAA Reports Notorious Pirate Sites to U.S. Government

The MPAA has informed the U.S. Government about several piracy-promoting websites it would like to be dealt with in the near future. The list includes major torrent sites, file-hosting services, but also Russia’s popular social network VKontakte. Interestingly, the movie industry group also prematurely reports that Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid…

Pirate Bay Downloaders Trolled By Movie Director’s Shaven Balls

One of the oldest tricks in the file-sharing world is to relabel material as something else in order to annoy downloaders. While many tactics have been tried over the years the one just employed by a Norwegian movie director has to go down as the most outrageous yet. Those downloading…

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