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Piracy: Not Even God Himself Can Stop It

While countries have their own laws, many individuals worldwide choose to be guided by their faith in matters of morality. When it comes to movie piracy, for example, some Christians may be believe "thou shalt not steal." So it's perhaps interesting that in the Middle East where a similar law…

Four Alleged Movie Pirates Set to Cover Entire Horror Movie Budget

No one really knows how much money they generate but it's generally acknowledged that file-sharing settlements can be a lucrative business. However, while it has to be acknowledged that movie makers have costs to cover following the creation of their product, a case brought by a horror film company is…

Torrent Sites Get “Restraining Order” From Indian High Court

In an attempt to prevent pirates from downloading their latest movie Singham, Reliance Entertainment came up with a rather unconventional anti-piracy strategy. The company managed to obtain a so-called John Doe order from the Indian High Court, which they are now sending to various torrent sites that could potentially link…

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