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What.cd Debuts Lightweight Tracker For Its 5 Million Peers

Despite being a private community of music fanatics, What.cd operates one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. Recently, the site's users were silently transferred to a new tracker. Named Ocelot, the new and improved tracker is one of the most efficient around and to commemorate its implementation What.cd…

Radiohead Leak Their New Track To BitTorrent

During the last few days a new Radiohead song was mysteriously released onto the Internet. The track is called "These Are My Twisted Words" and until today it was unclear where it had come from. Now, thanks to a post on the band's blog, it seems the boys could've had…

How to Make the Best Torrents

Making a torrent properly is one of the most overlooked aspects in torrenting. Most users of bittorrent only create the .torrent files occasionally, if at all, and others make bad choices and mistakes, which can antagonise people, or make torrents slow to propagate, and lead to an early death.

appDowner: A BitTorrent Powered iPhone App Store

To users of Cydia, Icy and Appulous, alternatives to Apple's App Store are nothing new, but soon there will be a new and unqiue player in the market. Promising to become "the most beautiful application repository on the market" appDowner will be the first App Store competitor to use BitTorrent…

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