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Making Money from Movie Streaming Sites, an Insider’s Story

While in regular P2P file-sharing circles its generally accepted that individual users are sharing for love, not profit, there are some who see online piracy as a way to make money. Today TorrentFreak speaks with an extremely prolific pirate, who says he is making a decent living from uploading content…

BitTorrent Tracker Loses the Plot With Crazy Seeding Rules

All torrent sites rely on seeders, people who effectively donate their upstream bandwidth to provide content for others. Some go the extra mile and use a seedbox, a server-based piece of kit that pumps content into torrent swarms enabling faster downloads for everyone. While this is seen as a good…

Hackers Run Wild Spending BitTorrent Tracker’s Donations

The SuperTorrents BitTorrent tracker has been the subject of a major security breach, with hackers gaining access to private accounts from which they donated all the site's money to a religious group. The hackers even went as far as contacting the site's host and canceled all of their seedboxes.

“Killer Joe” Sues VPN-Using BitTorrent Pirates

With a budget of $10 million and under $2 million in domestic grosses, the movie "Killer Joe" didn't provide the box office successes its makers had hoped for. To make up for disappointing sales, movie studio "Killer Joe Nevada" is now turning to alleged BitTorrent users. The company sued a…

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