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BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Searched For in 2010

There are plenty of ways to discover new content on BitTorrent, but searching is still the preferred method for most people. What they are searching for should therefore give a good picture of what the latest trends are. Today we present the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010, a list of the 100…

Search For Movie Piracy Equipment Was Invasion of Privacy

A Canadian court has ordered a cinema to pay $10,000 damages after staff searched a family's bags looking for camming equipment, but ended up breaching their privacy. The search by staff also turned up something embarrassing in older daughter's bag. Mom had no idea. Not impressed.

BREIN Uses Court Win As Leverage To Wipe Out Usenet Sites

Following their recent legal victory over Usenet portal FTD, anti-piracy group BREIN have been using this momentum to scare even more file-sharing related sites into submission. The Hollywood-linked outfit has just announced that it has forced the closure of a further 11 Usenet-related sites servicing 900,000 members although reports suggest…

Married BitTorrent Admins Charged in Billion Dollar Piracy Case

After anti-piracy investigators somehow managed to obtain a full copy of their site logs several years ago, a married couple behind the now defunct Interfilm BitTorrent tracker have finally been charged for their role in running the site. The Moscow pair face claims they cost movie companies a staggering $1.25…

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