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Should Authorities Decrypt VPNs and Tor – or Ban Them Altogether?

There are many legitimate uses for technology such as VPNs and Tor but of course there are those who use them for criminal and objectionable practices. As Russia prepares an attempt to ban Tor completely, police in Sweden now want to be able to gain access to encrypted communications in…

Piracy Release Group Has Been Spying on Downloaders For 9 Months

While viruses and malware can be added to any file online, it is rare for malicious content to planted by those in the so-called warez scene. Nevertheless, it has now been revealed that since February 2013 one particular group has been dropping a little something extra into its cracked software…

RIAA: Bitcoin Makes it Hard to Track or Seize Pirate Bay Donations

The RIAA alerted the U.S. Government to several notorious pirate websites this week, including The Pirate Bay. While the inclusion of the infamous torrent site doesn't come as a surprise, the RIAA did raise a novel issue. The music labels point out that The Pirate Bay has embraced the cryptocurrency…

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