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High Court Judge Threatened Over Pirate Bay Injunction

A High Court judge who handed down an injunction in 2009 ordering an ISP to block The Pirate Bay says he was threatened by "cyber-terrorists" over his decision. Mr Justice Charlton claims that hackers threatened to steal his credit card details, plant child porn on his computer, and send call…

Girls Are Not Into The Pirate Bay, Or BitTorrent

The Cybernorms research group at Sweden’s Lund University partnered with The Pirate Bay earlier this year to carry out the largest survey among file-sharers in history. 75,000 people from all over the world participated in the study, and today the researchers revealed some of the initial results. Girls don't fancy…

Find Out Who’s Using The Pirate Bay… and Why

Every day millions of people visit The Pirate Bay and many of them use the site to share copyrighted content. But who are these people? Where do they come from, and what motivates them to share unauthorized files? Thanks to the largest file-sharing survey ever we can find out.

How the Porn Industry Plans to Wipe Out BitTorrent

With all the negative reporting about BitTorrent in the mainstream media, you could be forgiven for thinking that an anti-piracy crackdown against torrent sites would be a depressing issue. On the contrary, the porn industry's approach to dealing with BitTorrent raises more than a few smiles.

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