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RLSLOG Threatened By NZBMatrix Shutdown Lawyers, Promises Change

RLSLOG, one of the Internet's most prominent file-sharing "release blogs," has announced a significant change in the way it will operate in future. The site, which was recommended by the RIAA for inclusion on the USTR's "notorious markets" list, says it was contacted by the same law firm that took…

Furious Author Cancels Pirated Book

Writer Stephanie Meyer isn't too happy with the Internet. The first 12 chapters of her eagerly awaited book, a counter-view novel to Twilight, has hit file sharing sites. Despite knowing who was responsible, Meyer's anger seems only to be for her Internet fans, while she plans to cancel the book.

Prince To Take On The Pirate Bay

Prince, described by some people as one of the most creative and talented musicians, hired the infamous "Web Sheriff" who announced lawsuits against The Pirate Bay in the U.S., France and Sweden. "Way to go on losing all your fans" was the first response of Pirate Bay admin Brokep.

RLSLOG Pulled Offline After Universal Music Complaint

RLSLOG, one of the world’s most popular release news sites, has been pulled offline by its German hosting company following a takedown request from Universal Music. The site, which has never hosted any copyrighted material on its servers, is currently looking for a new home outside Germany.

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