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BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Searched For in 2010

There are plenty of ways to discover new content on BitTorrent, but searching is still the preferred method for most people. What they are searching for should therefore give a good picture of what the latest trends are. Today we present the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010, a list of the 100…

Pirate Bay Deploys “Robots” to Scan For Fake Torrents

In an attempt to battle a constant stream of fake torrents The Pirate Bay has borrowed an army of screening bots. To compensate for the lack of moderators, Pirate Bay is using the "FakeSkan" service of fellow torrent index Bitsnoop to warn users about malicious files.

The Walking Dead TV-Series Premieres On BitTorrent

The Walking Dead, a brand new TV-series based on Robert Kirkman's comic book, premiered on BitTorrent last night. Officially, the first episode is scheduled to be aired on AMC later this month, but unofficially the 90-minute premiere episode is already widely available on file-sharing sites worldwide.

Massive Leak of Pre-Air TV Shows: Piracy or Promotion?

Several TV shows from the upcoming TV season have leaked to BitTorrent over the past week. Weeds, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chonicles, Pushing Daisies, Californication, Brotherhood and Dexter, to name a few. It makes you wonder, Is this the work of hardcore pirates or just a new form of promotion…

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