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What Waffles? The Hydra Lives On

With the demise of oink, many music aficionados were left with little in the way of similar sites. However, true to the hydra phenomenon, a week later and several new sites have sprung up to replace it. We asked the admins of two of these sites for their future plans.

Spotify, An Alternative to Music Piracy

The music industry has taken some extreme measures to counter piracy, but it hasn't found the silver bullet yet. The key is to come up with a service that will fulfill the needs of music lovers, and one that would even be embraced by the most hardcore pirate. With Spotify,…

The Most-Coveted Private BT Sites of 2008

We have sifted through gargantuan lists of requests from torrent 'Invite' swapping forums and have come up with a generous helping of the most sought-after Private BitTorrent accounts.

DDoS Takes Down The Pirate Bay, isoHunt and Others

The Pirate Bay is suffering some downtime this morning due to a DDoS attack that appears to originate from a Twitter user who goes by the handle Zeiko Anonymous. The connection flood targeted at the site originates from a small botnet and isn't worrying The Pirate Bay team too much.…

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