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Busted Android Store Founder to Crowdfund Battle Against U.S. Govt

In 2012, a trio of Android-focused websites were seized by the Department of Justice. The teenage admin of one, Applanet, was subjected to a raid by heavily armed agents and now faces an uncertain future. An Indiegogo campaign launched by his friends and sanctioned by his legal team now hopes…

Piracy ≠ Theft? Movie Industry Workers Speak Out

The mantra often heard from Hollywood's leaders is that pirates are thieves. However, not all people in the industry feel that way. Today we present the views of four regular filmmakers on this controversial topic, what the impact is on the industry, and what can be done in response.

Michael Geist Interview

Michael Geist’s interpretation of a recent study on how downloading affects the music bussiness caused quite some controversy. Geist concluded from the study that filesharing does not hurt the record industry. P2Pnet interviewed Geist, they discuss several p2p related issues and it seems that Geist is a fan of BitTorrent.…

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