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Furious Author Cancels Pirated Book

Writer Stephanie Meyer isn't too happy with the Internet. The first 12 chapters of her eagerly awaited book, a counter-view novel to Twilight, has hit file sharing sites. Despite knowing who was responsible, Meyer's anger seems only to be for her Internet fans, while she plans to cancel the book.

The Pirate’s Dilemma

Pirates are innovators, they signal market problems and lead the way to new business models. Nevertheless, they are tagged as thieves by many. We invited Matt Mason, author of the book "The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism", to write an article on the "pirate's dilemma" for TorrentFreak.

Best-Selling Author Turns Piracy into Profit

Paulo Coelho, author of books such as "The Alchemist" and "The Witch of Portobello", sold over 100 million books last year. In part, he puts this success down to BitTorrent, as he saw a huge increase in sales when his books appeared on sites such as The Pirate Bay. We…

Book Authors See BitTorrent As a Promotional Tool

Authors are becoming less concerned with piracy, and having pirated copies of their books listed on BitTorrent sites such as The Pirate Bay is even considered to be an honor to some. Particularly for book authors, piracy seems to be a useful promotional tool, rather than a threat.

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