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Russia Refuses to Recognize Pirate Party, Because of Its Name

The recognition of the Pirate Party in a US state might have been considered the last obstacle to overcome before widespread acceptance of the movement as a viable political force. Yet there might be another country more obstinate than the US when it comes to registering political parties, and that's…

Sweden: A Safe Haven for Pirates

Sweden is considered to be a safe haven for Pirates, and received a special mention in the piracy report that was published this week by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA).

The Pirate Bay: One year After the Raid

Today it's exactly one year since the controversial raid on The Pirate Bay. Unlike the MPAA would have wanted, TPB is still online, more popular than ever. Let's look back at last years events.

U.S. Gets First Registered Pirate Party

People in the US can now finally vote for the pirate party. While we’ve covered attempts in the US before, it has only been in the last few days that there was any official recognition of the party. Now, if you live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (as the state…

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