TalkO’Clock, The Social P2P Alarm Clock

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? TalkO’clock can help you to spice things up.

Instead of waking up to a regular alarm clock, the free service will let others help you get out of bed. A P2P alarm clock, sort of.

Admittedly this has very little to do with BitTorrent or file-sharing. But the idea to interact with complete strangers, share something and have fun comes straight from there. In this you share emotions though, not files.

TalkO’Clock allows you to choose whether you want to be called by a male or a female stranger, and it has a robot – CallO’Bot – lined up in case no one is available at the time you have to wake up.

All completely anonymous of course which is another favorite feature of file-sharers.

Other TalkO’Clock users don’t see your phone number, and you don’t see theirs. If you choose to wake someone, TalkO’Clock will call you and connect you to the right person. So it kind of acts like a torrent tracker for two peers.

Those who want to give this ‘people to people’ alarm clock a spin are welcome to sign up. Apps for iPhone/Android will be available soon.



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