w3btorrent: A BitTorrent Client for your Web Server

w3btorrent is a full-featured but lightweight BitTorrent client designed to run off a Web Server. It is easy to configure, works without a database and supports WAP, so you can monitor your torrents on your mobile phone.

w3btorrent logoWith w3btorrent you can monitor your torrents from any pc in the world. After you’ve installed it on a web server you can remotely start, stop, add and delete torrents, even with your mobile phone

I’ve tried the latest stable version (0.1.2) which was released last month, and it works great. Simple, lightweight, and it doesn’t need a database. The WAP support is great and allows you to start and stop torrents with your mobile phone. w3btorrent currently has less features than its competitor TorrentFlux, but it does everything I want a BitTorrent client to do.

You can also install w3btorrent on a web hosting account to download and seed torrents. That is, if your webhosting company allows it.

A few months ago a customer of the popular hosting company Dreamhost tried to run the EFF’s Broadcast Machine on his Dreamhost account. However, Dreamhost said that BitTorrent was strictly forbidden, both as a client and as a tracker. Very strange because it is a great way to share podcasts and other large audio video files, and it even saves Dreamhost and its customers some bandwidth.

Some of the features of w3btorrent include:

  • Simple online installer.
  • Fast Ajax browsing.
  • Upload or download torrent files to server with URL or file upload.
  • View status, start, stop, delete torrents.
  • Browse downloaded files easy.
  • Rich archive support, both compress and decompress.
  • WGET support. Type a URL and download it, no need to open terminal.
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