Album review: hotel coral essex by futuristic sex robotz

True nerds. Great lyrics combined with slammin beats, these gangsta Nerds have it all.

TorrentFreak will review CC-licensed albums (with BitTorrent links) on a weekly basis. This one is a pretty geeky one, but there will be “normal” ones in the future.

albumFuturistic Sex Robotz was founded by Coaxke and PC Speaker during a Keystone Ice induced drunken haze in late 2004. They dish out the cold, hard truth with skill and creativity unlike anything the internet has seen before. Gangsta style…

The album “hotel coral essex” covers topics like the MPAA, the BitTorrent site Empornium (cheggit!), and World of Warcraft.

Rating: 4/5

Featured track: Fuck The MPAA


Download album: torrent

Track List:

01. Van On Fire
02. Welcome To The Internet
03. Back In The Day
04. Law & Order
05. Fuck The MPAA
06. The Positronic Pimp
07. Hey, Ladies
08. WoW
09. Dishwater
10. LiveJournal
11. Back To The Future
12. Don’t Make Us Kick Your Ass
13. Empornium
14. If I Ruled The World
15. Checking Out

cc license


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