Copyright Alliance Warns U.S. About Pirate Streaming Apps and Devices


The Copyright Alliance has sent an overview of its strongest piracy concerns to the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau. The submission, which serves as input for an upcoming policy memorandum from President Trump, highlights pirate streaming devices and apps as a rampant problem.

Pirate Site Blocking Boosts Netflix Subscriptions, Research Suggests


The effectiveness of pirate site blocking is widely debated. Soon to be published research suggests that, under the right conditions, it can be an effective anti-piracy tool. If enough sites are targeted at once, overall visits to pirate sites decrease, while known pirates are more likely to sign up for paid subscription.

EBook.Bike Copyright Case Heading Towards Trial, Default Set Aside


Travis McCrea, the operator of controversial eBook download platform, appears set for his day in court. A motion for default judgment against McCrea filed by author John Van Stry has been set aside but the former Pirate Party leader's own motion to dismiss, based on claims of deficient DMCA notices being served on him, has been rejected.

Internet Archive Faces Permanent ISP Blocking Following Audiobook Lawsuits


An anti-piracy group representing the rights of authors is calling for the Internet Archive to be blocked by ISPs in Russia forever. A pair of lawsuits concerning two audiobooks, including Metro 2033, led to the request to have the massively popular permanently rendered inaccessible in the region. A legal process is now underway to avoid that happening.

IPGuys ‘Pirate’ IPTV Service Sued by DISH Networks

Popular 'pirate' IPTV service IPGuys is the latest provider to fall victim to the lawyers of DISH Network. In a lawsuit filed in the United States, three named individuals and 10 John Does stand accused of capturing DISH signals from satellite feeds and redistributing them via the Internet utilizing a network of IPTV resellers.

Can YouTube Be Liable For Copyright Infringing Videos? EU Court to Decide


The European Court of Justice is being asked to answer several questions regarding YouTube's potential liability for pirated videos that are uploaded by its users. The case was referred by Austria's Supreme Court, which has to decide on a copyright dispute between local television channel Puls4 and the video host. The latter stands accused of not doing enough to curtail piracy.

Omniverse Fears Criminal Investigation Into Alleged IPTV Piracy

Streaming TV provider Omniverse has ceased operating, but its legal troubles are far from over. Hollywood studios continue to search for more evidence on its allegedly infringing activities. This week Omniverse asked the court to halt this process, and compel the copyright holders into mediation. The court documents further reveal that the streaming provider fears a potential criminal investigation.

Vader Streams Was Shut Down By ACE, Must Pay $10m Damages


Vader - formerly one of the most visible brands in the pirate IPTV space - shut down in May amid mysterious circumstances. As was initially suspected, it's now confirmed the platform was targeted by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. Following a secret legal process in Canada, the service is now on the hook for $10 million in damages.