Can a New Anti-Piracy System Really Defeat Cinema “Camming”?


On April 24, 2019, within hours of Avengers: Endgame being released in China, at least two copies of the movie appeared online after being recorded in cinemas. The movie industry is determined to counter this 'camming' threat but is there really a technological solution? A China-based partnership claim they have the answer - but do they?

Rightscorp Done Anti-Pirating? Stock Worthless, Website Gone


Rightscorp, the infamous anti-piracy company that hounded hundreds of thousands of alleged file-sharers for cash settlements, seems to be waiting for the grim reaper to arrive. At the time of writing, its shares are worth $0.0025 each and its website account has been suspended.

Movie Piracy Giant Shuts Down


One of the most-visited movie piracy sites in the world shut down this week., which was extremely popular in Arabic speaking countries, threw in the towel without any further explanation, leaving millions of movie and TV-show fans behind.

YouTuber Sends Lawyer After UFC to Stop ‘Unfair’ Takedown Notices


The owner of a popular post-fight boxing commentary channel on YouTube is demanding that the UFC stops taking down his videos, which only use still images from fights. With help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Boxing Now's John MacKay points out that his videos are fair use, adding that unwarranted takedown notices harm his business.

MPAA / ACE Shut Down ‘Pirate’ IPTV Service, Seize Domain

An IPTV provider offering thousands of movies and around 600 live TV channels has been shut down following action by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. As One Step TV's subscribers complain on the service's Facebook page, its domain now redirects to ACE after being taken over by the MPAA.

Canadian Parliamentary Report Proposes Tough Copyright Measures


Canada's Heritage Committee has released the results of its study on artists remuneration. In a new report, it recommends that the Government takes a series of measures to strengthen the position of creators. The far-reaching proposals include an extension of the copyright term, limiting fair dealing rights for educational purposes, holding ISPs accountable, and increasing anti-piracy efforts.

Aussie Music Industry Wins First Ever Stream-Ripping Site Blocks


Sony, Universal, and Warner, with assistance from Music Rights Australia and the Australasian Performing Right Association, have obtained a blocking injunction against four major stream-ripping sites. Australia's ISPs will now prevent their subscribers from accessing 2conv, Flv2mp3, FLVto and Convert2mp3.

RIAA Obtains Subpoena to Unmask YouTube-Ripping Site Operator

The RIAA is attempting to unmask the operator of YouTube ripping site YouTubNow. The popular platform receives around 15 million visits per month but now stands accused of infringing RIAA members' copyrights by offering content by Gloria Estefan, Robert Palmer and Nu Shooz, among others.