Anti Article 13 Petition Signed by Five Million People


The popular "Save The Internet!" petition, which urges lawmakers to vote against Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive, reached a new milestone of five million signatories today. The petition is part of an intensifying campaign which also features offline demonstrations and Wikipedia blackouts. Meanwhile, supporters of Article 13 are not sitting still either.

Three Pirate TV Device Sellers Jailed For a Total of 17 Years

Three men from the UK have been jailed for a total of 17 years for running a pirate streaming operation. The sentences were handed down after a four-week trial during which they stood accused of defrauding the Premier League while generating more than £5 million in revenues over a decade of operations.

Privacy-Focused Search Engine Wants Copyright Directive to Pass


Rising privacy-focused search engine Qwant is calling for the Copyright Directive to be passed by the EU Parliament. Founder Eric Léandri says his platform is ready to pay creators for use of their works but is calling for an external database of copyrighted works as a reference point. Last year, however, the company said that Article 13 presented a "risk for fundamental rights and freedoms."

YouTuber “Golden Modz” Settles Lawsuit Over Fortnite Cheats


The popular game YouTuber “Golden Modz” has admitted to posting copyright-infringing videos that displayed Fortnite cheats and hacks. Brandon Lucas, owner of the channel, agreed to an undisclosed settlement and a permanent injunction that prevents him from promoting Fortnite cheats going forward. The “Golden Modz” channel remains online and appears to have switched focus to GTA V.

Reddit Admins Issue Formal Warning to /r/piracy, Totally Out of the Blue


After never directing a single complaint to the popular /r/piracy discussion forum, Reddit Legal has now issued its moderators with an official warning concerning its future. Almost no evidence has been provided but apparently 74 complaints in recent months triggered the warning. Reddit has a quarter of a billion monthly users.