Facebook Sued For Refusing to Remove Copyrighted Photo


Photographer Kristen Pierson Reilly has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for failing to respond properly to a DMCA notice. The social network refused to remove a copy of her photo, stating that it wasn't clear whether its use was infringing. In a complaint filed in a federal court in New York, Pierson now demands compensation for the damage she suffered.

Austrian Telecoms Regulator Rejects “Informal” Pirate Site Blocks


Following a dispute over informal 'pirate' site blocking requests sent to ISPs in Austria by rights holders, several providers reported themselves to the authorities for potential net neutrality breaches. This caused the local telecoms regulator to assess whether informal blocking requests should be actioned. It now transpires, they should not.

Anti-Piracy Group BREIN ‘Dealt With’ 339 Pirate Sites Last Year


Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is among the most active civil copyright enforcement groups in the world. This week the group announced its 2018 achievements, which includes the shutdown of pirate sites and IPTV vendors, as well as settlements with uploaders. These efforts will continue in the year to come, when BREIN also plans to ramp up its efforts against uploaders.

Activists Publish ‘An Illegal Book?’ to Defend Popcorn-Time News Site in Court


A seized domain name of a website that provided information about the Popcorn Time software, has resulted in an intriguing legal battle. Several organizations, including Electronic Frontier Norway informed a local court that the seizure went too far. To prove their point, EFN published "An illegal book?" which consists of a printout of the site in question.

Star Wars Theory’s “Vader” Fan Film Hit With Copyright Claim (Update)


A 'Vader' fan film published by the "Star Wars Theory" YouTube channel has been hit with a copyright claim. While the channel's owner was told that he could not monetize the production, the video is now running ads for Warner/Chappell, which owns the rights to the original Star Wars theme music. The issue angered many Star Wars fans but the music publisher doesn't plan to back down.

Rightsholders Call for Suspension of Article 13

A group of prominent representatives of the audiovisual and sports sectors, including the MPA and the Premier League, are calling for a suspension of the current Article 13 negotiations. The companies suggest that a case currently before the EU Court of Justice may give them a 'better deal' than the copyright reform proposal.