Sony Promotes Kodi Streaming Add-Ons as Ideal for its Android TVs


Companies including Sony have been doing their best to shut down developers who create Kodi add-ons that facilitate access to infringing content. Given this background, it's perhaps a little surprising that Sony Australia is recommending users of its Android TVs to download Kodi to access addons "that provide access to popular internet streaming media services."

Rapidvideo Responds to MPAA’s Piracy Claims: “We’re Totally Legal”


Every year the major Hollywood studios report a list of the most notorious pirate sites to the US Government. While the listed targets usually don't respond, there is some serious pushback recently. After dismissed the piracy claims against it earlier this week, RapidVideo follows suit today, stressing that it has already taken several voluntary measures, including an upload filter to prevent pirated content from being reuploaded.

Steam Bans All Links to TorrentFreak News as “Potentially Malicious”

Steam users who want to keep up with the latest news in the file-sharing, copyright, and game cheating lawsuit arenas are not currently free to do so via Steam. For reasons best known to the gaming platform, all links to news articles posted by users are banned by the platform and wrongfully labeled as "potentially malicious".

Pirate Bay Founder’s ‘Njalla’ Criticized For Protecting Pirate Sites


In 2017, Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde announced the launch of a new privacy-oriented startup. The Njalla domain name service offers site owners enhanced levels of privacy but not everyone is happy with the product. In a submission to the Japanese government, a powerful anti-piracy group complains that the service helps to shield pirate site operators from action.

Yandex Under Fire Again, This Time For Linking to Blocked RuTracker


Russian search giant Yandex is under fire again, this time for linking to previously blocked sites including RuTracker. A law passed last year forbids search engines from linking to sites previously blocked on the orders of the Moscow City Court, so a group of book publishers is now demanding fines and even a potential ISP blockade of Yandex in a first-of-its-kind action.

Australia Targets Google With Tough New Anti-Piracy Law


Australia already has laws to enable the blocking of overseas sites that facilitate piracy but the content industries want more. New legislation unveiled today will give copyright holders new tools to force Google and other search engines to delete search results that link to infringing sites.