BitTorrent Users Outsmart Throttling ISPs With IPv6

Unfortunately many Internet providers are still limiting or blocking BitTorrent traffic today.

For BitTorrent users this is a great annoyance, and although encryption helps in some cases, it often is very hard to get around the restrictions.

But according to Jeremy Duncan, senior director for Salient Federal Systems, torrenting over IPv6 is a great way to get up to speed again.

“BitTorrent users are discovering that they won’t have throttled traffic with IPv6,” says Duncan.

“This is an issue for the carriers. They won’t be able to throttle back the IPv6 traffic because they’re not inspecting it.”

Duncan sees the torrenting users on IPv6 as a problem for ISPs, but to the masses the issue sounds more like a solution.

If anyone has tried this successfully, I’m interested in hearing your findings.


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