Dan Bull Releases His Own Megaupload Song

While the takedown of Megaupload last week came as somewhat of a shock, some things in life are a little more predictable – like the speed and sharpness of UK artist Dan Bull.

Dan, who has covered many online issues such as those involving The Pirate Bay and SOPA, is back again today with another track, this time about Megaupload.

“Back in 2009 I published my first album ‘Safe’ via Megaupload, and sent the link to numerous music bloggers and reviewers. The Megaupload URL became the de facto home of my album,” Dan told TorrentFreak when asked about his motivation to write the song.

“Now, through no fault of my own, that URL has disappeared without any warning. All the links on those music blogs? Dead, along with three years of stats which I used to track where downloads were coming from.”

“Regardless of the legal case against Megaupload, the owners of the site haven’t been convicted of anything. By taking all content down it’s a case of shoot first, ask questions later. As a result of the RIAA pushing for this action, supposedly to defend music, independent artists like myself get hurt. It’s even been suggested to me that I should pursue a legal case against the US authorities for ‘stealing’ my album,” Dan adds.

Enjoy the song


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