Movie Camming P2P Release Group Busted in India

Described by police as an international criminal gang and by the media as an outfit causing Hollywood and Bollywood “to bleed to the hilt”, two men in their twenties were arrested in India yesterday.

yamrajRupesh Jaiswal, 28 and Tinu Sharma, 25, are said to be members of a P2P release group known as Yamraj who were responsible for camming local and Hollywood movies and distributing them on and offline.

According to a spokesman from Indore police headquarters, authorities received a tip from a legal officer with the MPA who advised that movies were being cammed in Indore movie theaters and later distributed.

“Subsequently, the crime branch was pressed into action to crack the case. Acting on a specific tip off, the duo running the shoot and selling pirated movie racket, were arrested on Monday,” he said.

According to local media, the pair rented 1TB of cloud storage with European company OVH and granted access to contacts so they could download the latest movies.


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