Piracy Raids and Arrests Color “World IP Day”

world-ipToday is World Intellectual Property Day, the day when we celebrate all the good that copyright has brought our society.

In several countries World Intellectual Property Day is used by pro-copyright groups to educate the public that strong copyright protections are needed.

China took it one step further and the local authorities seized the opportunity to take out a large piracy hub.

Siluhd.com, a website dedicated to HD video, was shut down by local police and 9 employees including the company’s CEO were arrested.

On the same day another prominent Chinese video site went offline. Yyets.com, listed among the 250 most visited websites in China, has put up a message stating that it’s temporarily closed. Interestingly, the site still works through www.yyets.com.

In the United States the Government uses World Intellectual Property Day to celebrate last years successful counterfeiting crackdowns. In addition the authorities teamed up with the MPAA to launch a new anti-piracy PSA, coming soon to a theater near you.

Happy World Intellectual Property Day!


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