Received a Letter From Golden Eye International? Help is at Hand

Any minute now a company called Golden Eye International (GEIL) will start sending out letters to users of the UK ISP O2.

These letters will accuse the person who pays the bill on the O2 Internet account of downloading and sharing various adult movies produced by UK porn outfit Ben Dover.

The idea behind the letters is simple: to get the account holder to admit to copyright infringement and force them to pay a cash settlement of a few hundred pounds to make a largely imaginary court case disappear.

If this was in the United States the only help for people wrongly accused by outfits such as GEIL would come from expensive lawyers. In the UK it’s different.

As detailed in our earlier article, Citizens Advice are standing by to offer help. But that’s not the only source of assistance available.

A little bird pointed TorrentFreak towards a brand new resource located at

Currently the site is in its early stages but we have it on very good authority that it will soon become the focal point for anyone wishing to fend off Golden Eye and its Ben Dover porn paymasters.

Those who remember the Speculative Invoicing Handbook, the UK’s ultimate guide for fending off wrongful accusations of illicit file-sharing, should definitely pay particular attention to this new resource.

More on this in the days to come.


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