Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour BitTorrent Download

Best-selling author Tim Ferriss is teaming up with BitTorrent to promote his new book The 4-Hour Chef.

Ferriss is using Amazon’s new publishing imprint which is banned by all major U.S. booksellers, and he sees BitTorrent as a good alternative to get exposure.

BitTorrent Inc., parent company of uTorrent is looking forward to the partnership that was announced today.

“Disruptive voices should be heard. And traditional publishing’s probably about ready for a shakeup. So we’re partnering with Tim and readers like you to promote The 4-Hour Chef through BitTorrent,” the company notes.

“On the day the book launches, our community will get exclusive access to media from Tim: content from the book, as well as unpublished material.”

“We’ll be distributing the writer’s process: the photos, drafts, videos and recipes that shaped Tim’s journey,” BitTorrent adds.

The book plus the BitTorrent-downloadable freebies will be released early next week and should take less than 4 hours to download.


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