Pirate Bay: Hey Anonymous, Stop DDoSing Virgin

virginThe Pirate Bay is not happy with the “anonymous” groups who decided to DDoS Virgin Media for complying with a court order.

Last week Virgin was the fist ISP to block The Pirate Bay.

According to The Pirate Bay these DDoS attempts go against a free Internet.

On Facebook (of all places) The Pirate Bay writes:

We do NOT encourage these actions. We believe in the open and free internets, where anyone can express their views. Even if we strongly disagree with them and even if they hate us.

So don’t fight them using their ugly methods. DDOS and blocks are both forms of censorship.

If you want to help; start a tracker, arrange a manifestation, join or start a pirate party, teach your friends the art of bittorrent, set up a proxy, write your political representatives, develop a new p2p protocol, print some pro piracy posters and decorate your town with, support our promo bay artists or just be a nice person and give your mom a call to tell her you love her.



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