BitTorrent Inc expands server park

BitTorrent Inc upgraded their serverpark from 3 server racks to a 600-square- foot server cage, of roughly 28 racks. And it’s only the beginning.

The growth is a result of BitTorrent’s deals with companies like Warner, Chinese TV and Movie companies, and other movie companies. BitTorrent is also planning to open their very own video store later this year.

The serverpark is located at the Main 365 datacenter in San Francisco, BitTorrent’s hometown. Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent states:

“BitTorrent is not a company that limits itself by convention. With our aggressive growth plans we need a data center that can grow with us and deliver reliable power, cooling and connectivity. 365 Main provides these features within a stone’s throw away from our engineering team in San Francisco,”.

And I always thought BitTorrent was supposed to save you bandwidth…


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