Australian Police Are Caught Pirating Again

The Aussie police are clearly not setting the right example when it comes to copyright infringement.

In 2008 computers of the South Australian police force’s IT branch were found to contain hundreds of pirated movies, and now it appears they pirate software as well.

It is doubtful, however, that any arrests will be made.

The Australian reports:

“The primary claim in the breach of copyright civil suit is against NSW Police, which Micro Focus claims, copied its software and handed it out to third party agencies without its approval.’

‘It had licences to install ViewNow on up to 6500 computers across its organisation but Micro Focus claims that 16,000 copies in total were in use.’

‘According to the statement of claim file by Micro Focus, NSW Police is accused of making and distributing unauthorised copies of ViewNow, which is used to access the computerised operations policing system application, dubbed COPS.’

Micro Focus calls for a thorough investigation to determine the extent of their losses, so they can file for damages.


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