Burger King & Myspace to Sell “24” downloads

Burger King and Myspace join forces. They will start selling episodes of the popular TV-Show “24”. The first episodes of season 1 and 5 will be for free, just to warm the customers up, the other episodes will cost for $1.99 per download.

They will advertise with the popular slogan: “Have it your way”. However, it’s doubtful if DRM will be “an option”.

Earlier this year Fox and ABC started to offer TV streams, but that’s clearly not the solution. People demand high quality, cheap, DRM free content, whenever and wherever they want.

Selling downloadable TV-episodes is the first step in the transformation of TV. Offering the episodes for free, supported by micro-ads is the second.

Gillian Smith, media director at Burger King, said:

“We know our customers spend a lot of time on MySpace. The important thing for us as an advertiser was to make sure we were providing content that resembles entertainment more than advertising.”

The 24 downloads will be available on Myspace next week


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