Crooks Impersonate Interpol in File-Sharing Scam

As lawsuits and claims for file-sharing settlements become more commonplace, criminals are trying to cash in on the fears of Internet users. This fresh incident from the Middle East looks particularly nasty.

A reader from Kuwait has emailed in to warn of a scam currently targeting Internet users. The message appearing on screens advises that unless a file-sharing related fine is paid, matters will escalate quickly.

“I was busy browsing Facebook and I got a massive Interpol letter on my screen demanding I pay up or face jail time,” he told TorrentFreak.

“I called my Internet service provider and told them what happened and they told me it’s a massive scam, they said they got 14 of the same phone calls during the day.”

The attack appears to come from some kind of malware, so the ISP advised our tipster to restore his PC in the hope that it goes away. They added that if there is ever anything wrong with an account they would telephone or send a text message – unremovable popups would never be used.

In a further sign that the warnings have no substance, no copyrighted works or rightsholders are referenced.

The video below shows the malware in action. Any users affected should be clear on what to do – remove the malware of course, but never, ever pay.


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