Demonoid Invites Anyone?

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A couple of months ago we posted that demonoid's registration opened (for a couple of hours). It closed soon after that, but visitors kept asking for invites in the comments.

You can get demonoid invites at

Within no time the post became the “most commented post” on this site. I decided to close the comments, but that resulted in numerous “demonoid invite please” emails to the email address listed in the contact section.

The “invite begs will be ignored” message didn’t stop people from sending them anyway. My last, and most desperate move was to include the following line in the demonoid post

If you want an invite, take a picture of yourself holding a cardboard sign with “demonoid invite please” written on it.

I was convinced that this would scare most people away.

But a couple of hours after I posted that line the first photo’s started to appear in my inbox. Some real ones, some photoshopped, some black with the excuse that the camera fell in the water. As shocked as I was by these responses, so I decided to take down the message, and live with the invite begs. As you can see, I’ve included an extra adsense block to pay for the expenses.


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