Do not pay for BitTorrent

This might sound pretty obvious to the most of you, but there are still quite a lot of people who are tricked to pay for free software like uTorrent, BitTorrent Mainline, and Azureus.

Most of them are lured by misleading advertisement, and flashy banners. They end up paying $3-$30 for a completely free application. In the best case they receive a couple of links to BitTorrent search engines, and a BitTorrent client. Support e-mails are simply ignored.

BitTorrent Inc is currently running an ad-campaign to make people aware of these scammers. Those sites often register typo-domains like,,,… etcetera. So, remember: BitTorrent is spelled with 2 T’s and 2 R’s

I’m aware of the fact that these scammers often appear on the google ads at TorrentFreak. I’ve added quite a few to my blacklist. Unfortunately my blacklist is full, and the scammers keep popping up.


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