Relying on a Torrent Site for Vaccination Advice Is a Terrible Idea

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Torrent site MagnetDL is warning its users against taking Covid vaccines, pointing them to a copy of the controversial 'Plandemic' documentary. While we're not medical experts, we know that taking health advice from a torrent site is not a great idea. In fact, it can be quite dangerous.

covidMore than a year has passed since the Covid pandemic started and the virus still has the world in its grip.

Some countries have a lower infection rate than others, with lockdowns and vaccinations playing a major role, according to experts.

When it comes to vaccinations there’s no shortage of polarized opinions. Many health experts believe that vaccinations for adults – on the whole – do far more good than harm. However, others are not as convinced. This skepticism can be in part triggered by fear or religious beliefs.

People are entitled to their own opinions and we have no intention to take part in this discussion. That said, it is important to consider the source, especially when it comes to health information.

Torrent Site Warns Against Covid Vaccines

This week we stumbled upon a vaccine warning issued by the torrent site MagnetDL. Generally speaking, torrent sites are not considered to be sources of professional medical advice, but at the time of writing, all download pages have the following alert:

“Warning: Thousands DEAD following covid experimental vaccines. Please do your own RESEARCH. Stop trusting the news. Stop complying. Just say NO!”


Needless to say, a warning like this is extreme. Having a questioning mind is good and we don’t blindly follow all news reports either. But our research does point to experts who repeatedly show that many lives are saved thanks to vaccines, which are predominantly safe.

A Dangerous ‘Side-Effect’ of NOT Taking a Vaccine

Yes, there are extremely rare but dangerous side effects for some Covid vaccines, as we’ve seen in the media. But those numbers pale in comparison to the millions of casualties among those who didn’t get a vaccine.

The MagnetDL warning is displayed as an image, possibly to prevent being ‘flagged’ by search engines. The image itself links to a copy of the controversial Plandemic documentary, which Wikipedia describes as “one of the most-widespread pieces of COVID-19 misinformation.”

Interestingly, MagnetDL’s archive also includes titles that are more positive about vaccines, including a pirated copy of the Discovery+ series “The Vaccine Conquering COVID.” These titles are not promoted, of course, but they’re not censored either.

When in Doubt, Talk to Your Doctor

Again, we’re not health experts here, but flat-out recommending everyone not to take a vaccine – without knowing their individual situation – is extremely dangerous.

People who have concerns should consult a medical expert, or two, and get a professional opinion on what’s wise in their case. This is particularly important for people who are vulnerable. And for the record, these experts don’t include torrent sites or people in the comment section below.


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