Domain Registrar Profits From Revoked Domain

Last week went offline after a coalition of the world’s largest book publishers obtained an injunction against the site.

Instead of offering download links to books, the site suddenly redirected to

A few days later the site also had its domain name revoked by domain registrar Nunames.

While this is a rather bold move, Nunames has the right to do so under their terms of service.

But there was something even more fishy going on.

As it turns out, was still linking to Amazon, and using an affiliate code that seemingly belongs to Nunames.


TorrentFreak was curious to find out why the registrar decided to cash in on the revoked domain, but we’re been waiting for days to hear back from the company.

While we got no response, we did see that the Amazon redirect has since been pulled.

Perhaps they’re trying to cover it up?


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