EZTV Goes Down Again

After being down for maintenance for a few days earlier this month, EZTV.it is unresponsive again today.

EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, so any downtime immediately leads to all kinds of horror stories about raids and seizures.

None of this is true though.

No official explanation is available for the downtime yet, but we’re reliably informed that it’s merely a technical issue.

eztvAs always, the EZTV crew will do all it can to solve the issues as soon as possible.

We’ve reached out to the EZTV team and will update this article with an official response when we hear back from them.

Update: The EZTV people told TorrentFreak that it’s a “small hiuccup with DNS.” The site will be back ‘soon’ (within a few days, no ETA).

Update: And they’re back…

Update (May 28): EZTV is suffering downtime again, no word about that’s causing it yet..


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