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EZTV Shuts Down After Hostile Takeover

Popular TV-torrent distribution group EZTV is no more. After losing key domain names and data in a hostile takeover, EZTV founder NovaKing has called it quits. The group's retirement marks the end of an era in which the EZTV brand became synonymous with TV-torrents.

Sky’s Court Ordered Piracy Filter Blocks TorrentFreak

Website blocking has become a hot topic in the UK in recent weeks. Opponents of both voluntary and court-ordered blockades have warned about the potential collateral damage these blocking systems may cause, and they have now been proven right. As it turns out blocked sites can easily exploit the system…

Popular Torrents Start to Disappear From Mininova

Those hunting for the latest episodes of Lost, Heroes and Prison Break on Mininova may have already noticed that they are hard to find. With the recently implemented copyright filter, many of the popular TV-show releases and blockbuster movies have been removed and put on a ban list.

UK Internet Providers Start Blocking EZTV and ezRSS

UK Internet providers have now started to block access to the popular TV torrent site EZTV. The blockade follows a High Court order obtained by the major movie studios, and also blacks out the RSS service ezRSS. Since the court order hasn't been published it is not known if the…

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