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The uTorrent WebUI can be used to access uTorrent from an external computer. This also opens the possibility to handle your torrents from your browser window. We've discovered a Firefox extension that makes using the WebUI a lot easier.

utorrent firefoxThe Firefox extension for uTorrent allows you to drag and drop .torrent links onto the WebUI window and shows the current upload and download speed in the status bar.

The upload and download speed remains visible if you close the WebUI screen. The extension works fine in Firefox 2.0.

In order to use the Firefox extension you need to install the WebUI, and have uTorrent up and running. Once you’ve installed the extension, you need to enter your settings (IP address, port & password) in the configuration screen of the Firefox extension and you’re ready to go.

WebUI in the Firefox sidebar & torrent speed indication in the taskbar

firefox extension BitTorrent utorrent

You can use the Alt+U shortcut to show and hide the sidebar window, and try adding some torrents by dragging links to .torrent file onto the WebUI screen. Although this version of the extension is just an experimental release, all seems to work fine. For more info, the latest updates, and bug reporting hop over to the thread at the uTorrent forums.

You might also want to take a look at the Google Homepage widget for the uTorrent WebUI if you’re interested in more uTorrent gadgets.


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