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Another great invention. The "Lamabox" (dutch) is the worlds first media player that supports p2p downloads. This neat gadget has a connection to all the big 2p2 networks so you're able to download whatever you want directly onto it's built in harddrive. Once the download is complete, you can watch it on your tv, or burn it onto a dvd.

The lamabox uses a so called p2p spider to search all the major p2p networks including BitTorrent trackers….

When you search for a file the “spider” returns the most popular files. Optionally you can rate the search results so the search function can learn to recognize your preferences.
The lamabox also has built-in radio and tv streaming capabilities, including timeshifting.

Curently the lamabox site is only in dutch, the cheapest version starts at 279 euro.

Copyright anyone? ;)


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