Game Company ‘Pirates’ Film Plot for iPad Game

Timo Vuorensol, the director of the upcoming Finnish-German-Australian dark sci-fi comedy Iron Sky contacted TorrentFreak with this unusual story earlier today.

Late last week the film’s creators found out that the Chinese game company Ziiso was creating an iPad game based on their film.

This Thursday the game called Iron Sky: The Last Territory (or IRON SKY for iPad) was published in iTunes App Store. It use some Iron Sky ship designs, some character likenesses, the back story and even the tagline – none of which are authorized.

“This is very unfortunate for us. We use crowd funding and merchandize sales to actually fund making this film in a very concrete way”, said Timo Vuorensola.

“Moreover these guys are trying to make the game sound like it’s our official product, even adding it to our Wikipedia page. This means it’s not only an intellectual property grab, but a downright scam.”

“Yes, it makes us angry that these people are riding on the coat tails of our hard work and taking money from unsuspecting fans who might think they are funding the film by buying the game.”

“We have absolutely nothing against unofficial fan products and fan art, though – we love seeing what kinds of amazing and crazy things people come up with. That’s a completely different thing from taking money from our fans with unauthorized Iron Sky products – money that was meant to be used to fund the film.”

The game has been reported to Apple and the team is waiting for the resolution to their complaint.


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