Icefilms Suffers Domain Issues But is Still Online, With a Trick or Two

Icefilms is one of the more popular streaming movie and TV show portals online but is suffering some serious domain problems at the moment. However, with a trick or two the site can be back up and running.

For more than 24 hours visitors to have been left disappointed. Rather than being confronted with masses of movie and TV show content to view, the site is currently a shadow of its former self, sporting only this miserable notice from GoDaddy.


If GoDaddy is to be believed there is something wrong with the site’s WHOIS information. Registrars have been known to deactivate domains if WHOIS info is shown to be false or if people make a complaint about a domain’s details and they fail to get rectified.

The current WHOIS information shows that changes were made yesterday, 11 Nov 2013, at 15:07:01 UTC and at least since then the site has been rendered largely inaccessible to visitors.

Of course, TorrentFreak needed to get onto the site to find out if there was more news to report, so we’ll explain how we went about that. Following the same process will largely bring the site back to life, at least for now.

First we discovered that the site’s IP address – – so entering that into a browser should immediately bypass GoDaddy’s notice.

However, certain parts of the site still won’t work, so we have to trick Windows into thinking that the domain still works. We do that by editing our hosts file. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

For example, by adding a brand new line ( to our hosts file we can now access the Icefilms forum.


Once there we found a user posting who yesterday reported the following:

“We are aware of the problem with GoDaddy, they screwed up our domain server and it may take as long as 3 days to propagate the fix. The bright side is this is day 1.”

We have a message out for the Icefilms team to contact us and will report back if we find anything new.


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