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BitTorrent is teaming up with indie-labels and bands. A short video about Death Cab for Cutie, songs and movies from The Postal Service and The Shins, and more good stuff.

death cab for cutie BitTorrentDeath Cab for Cutie uploaded an exclusive electronic press kit (video) that provides an insightful look into the personalities of the band members and the creation of their latest album “Plans.”

More Indie torrents are uploaded by Subpop Records. Subpop’s torrent list includes mp3’s and videos from bands like Fruit Bats, The Postal Service, Iron and Wine, and The Shins.

Unfortunately most of these torrents are barely or not seeded (edit: it’s better now). It seems like has not implemented web-seeding yet for their featured content. I assume they will add this functionality in the near future, why else would they need a 600-square- foot server cage, of roughly 28 racks.

And for all the digg fans out there. The latest episodes of diggnation are also available at


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