Newzbin2 Want BT Customers To Challenge Blocking Injunction

In July, Justice Arnold in London’s High Court ordered leading UK ISP BT to block subscriber access to Usenet indexing site Newzbin2.

Under the banner of the MPA, the leading Hollywood studios successfully argued that by letting the site continue uncensored their business in the UK would be severely damaged.

As previously noted, Newzbin2 weren’t party to the hearings but now they want to try and influence the outcome through BT’s customers.

“We’d be interested to hear if any of our UK British Telecom users would be interested in challenging the imminent web blocking to be imposed by the court at the behest of the MPA,” says Newzbin2’s Mr White in an announcement.

“We’ve have had interesting discussions with our lawyers who have advised us not to intervene in this action but they also say that there is nothing to stop our UK BT users from doing so on their own behalf (however you’ll need to be a BT user or use an ISP affected by the Cleanfeed censorship system).”

Although the court order is more than a month old, no blocking of Newzbin2 has yet been carried out.


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