No Decision on Newzbin Case Until July 2011

Last year Hollywood’s Motion Picture Association (MPA) went to court seeking an injunction against UK ISP BT in order to force them to block Newzbin2, the resurrected version of the original Newzbin Usenet indexer.

This week the MPA and BT were back in the High Court, with the former saying that Newzbin2 costs them millions of pounds every year due to illegal movie downloads, and the latter trying to fight what they say is an attempt at censorship.

BT say that that this attempted blocking of Newzbin2 is just the tip of the iceberg and that once achieved, rightsholders would want up to 400 more sites blocked on the same grounds.

But the world will have to wait for a decision. Yesterday Mr Justice Arnold said the court will make a formal judgment soon after July 12th, pending the outcome of another case involving the sale of counterfeit products on eBay.

The ruling in that case, i.e whether eBay is responsible for illegal products being sold by 3rd parties via its site, will have a bearing on the Newzbin2 case.

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