Anti-Piracy Scheme “A Scam & Legal Blackmail” Say UK Lords

Several UK Lords have criticized the practices of law firms that send out warning letters to alleged copyright infringers demanding big payments. These schemes have been labeled a scam, and the lawyers operating them accused of "harassment, bullying and intrusion" and "legal blackmail" in the House of Lords.

Microsoft Sues Prominent BitTorrent Tracker For $43m

In conjunction with Lithuanian anti-piracy outfit LANVA, software giant Microsoft has sued the alleged operator of the country’s largest BitTorrent site. Microsoft is demanding $43 million from the defendant and his company for assisting in the illegal distribution of Office 2003 and 2007.

iPhone Pirate App Software Nuked Over Legal Concerns

Install0us is an application used by iPhone users to browse, download and install millions of pirated applications. After becoming uneasy over its legal status, its creator has taken advice from a lawyer. The conclusion is that the risk is too great and development of the software will stop. Of course, others already have plans to fill the gap.

BitTorrent Spammers Chosen to Spy On French Pirates

The French anti-piracy outfit Trident Media Guard has been chosen by the entertainment industry to track and report illegal downloaders in France. The company, known globally for its pollution of BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks with fake data, will assist in the recently passed Hadopi three-strikes law.

IFPI Loses “Deep-Linking” Case Against Baidu

In 2008, Baidu was sued for around $9 million by Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music for providing so-called "deep-links" to copyright music tracks. A court has now ruled that providing search results does not breach copyright law, clearing China's biggest search engine of wrong-doing.

Download Torrents Remotely With ReactorFeed

Many sites support RSS feeds nowadays, but these are impossible to tweak or optimize. ReactorFeed makes it very easy to create and manage your personal torrent RSS feed, allowing you to add torrents to your BitTorrent client remotely.

EliteBits Private BitTorrent Tracker Raided

The private tracker EliteBits was raided on Friday. The site admin had a visit at his home by a court official accompanied by staff from a law firm who work for an anti-piracy group. They allegedly traced him via the bank account used to accept donations from members.