Pirate Bay Supporters Throw Street Party in Moscow

Support for The Pirate Bay doesn't stop at the Swedish border, nor it is limited to blogs and forums. Today, a group of Russian Pirate Bay supporters will throw a street party at Pushkin Square in the center of Moscow, with the full approval of the Russian government.

File-Sharing Admin Convicted For Crime He Didn’t Commit

Last week a 22 year-old was sentenced to 6 months jail for running a file-sharing site carrying links to copyright works. On the surface it appeared that court ruled that due to placing advertising on the site, the admin had profited from infringement and therefore committed a crime, but all is not as it seems.

Paulo Coelho Supports The Pirate Bay

If anti-piracy lobbyists are to be believed, all content creators hate The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites. The truth is obviously more balanced. In fact, some of the most creative minds are BitTorrent users themselves, including best selling author Paulo Coelho, who offered to travel to Sweden to testify in favor of The Pirate Bay.

BitTorrent Powered TV is Coming

BitTorrent is already an important tool for millions of people who prefer their television on-demand, but integration with traditional TV-sets is still lacking. This is about to change though, as the Tribler team announces version 5 of its next generation BitTorrent client.

Leaked ACTA Draft: More Power to the RIAA

A recent draft of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) surfaced on Wikileaks this weekend. Among other things, the draft aims to strengthen the power and rights of the entertainment industry and other copyright holders, by letting them choose how they want to be compensated for copyright infringements.

Miramax Rewards Would-Be BitTorrent Pirate With Free Ticket

It's normal for BitTorrent users to be a tiny bit paranoid, since their activities aren't always popular with everyone. But imagine musing via Twitter that your favorite movie isn't on torrent sites yet and the next thing you know the studio is in direct contact with you, asking you not to pirate the movie - and giving you a free ticket in return.

MPAA’s Hacking Past Comes Back to Hunt

The MPAA isn't known for wasting opportunities to obtain information about BitTorrent sites and their users. In 2005 the MPAA paid around $15,000 to a hacker who obtained emails from TorrentSpy and The Pirate Bay. The case was heard in court and won by the MPAA, but this decision will soon be appealed.