Warez Leader Is Chairman Of San Diego Republican Party

This week, a 30 year old man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for his involvement in the so-called pirate 'warez scene'. In what appears to be some sort of bizarre parallel universe, it's been revealed that another notorious pirate has an interesting job - he's chairman of the…

OiNK’s Bail Date Extended Yet Again by Police

Over six months have passed since the popular private BitTorrent tracker OiNK was raided in a joint effort by Dutch and British law enforcement. Today, the bail date for OiNK admin Alan Ellis has been extended for the third time, now until the 1st of July.

IFPI to Sue Swedish ISP for Facilitating Copyright Infringement

The last year has seen the IFPI shift its focus from the individual filesharer, to their ISPs. After Denmark, Norway and Ireland, the anti-piracy lobbyists have now announced that they will go after a Swedish ISP, claiming that the company facilitates copyright infringement.

Music Industry Tricked Artist Into Anti-Piracy “Witch Hunt”

An anti-piracy documentary created by the music industry and supposedly supported by artists has been grabbing headlines during recent days. However, one of the artists isn't happy as he claims he was conned by the music industry into appearing in the video, which he says is part of a "witch…

Mininova’s Traffic Doubles in a Year

The BitTorrent popularity explosion is still underway, with some torrent sites now amongst the most visited sites, anywhere on the web. One of those, Mininova, now gets well over half a billion page views a month and is now 100% bigger than it was this time last year. And the…

Run Your Own Encrypted Decentralized Filesharing Network

AllianceP2P is a free open source software for Windows, Linux and Mac which allows groups of file-sharers to share content in a secure, encrypted way. As the software reaches version one, we interview the developer of AllianceP2P, to find out about his labor of love.