Piracy Blamed for Tragic Deaths at Music Festival

pukkelpopLast month, a severe thunderstorm hit the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop during the evening of August 18.

Trees fell over, taking down video screens and lights, and one of the stages collapsed as well. The disaster led to the tragic deaths of 5 people.

Although most people described the dramatic event as an accident, insurance experts see a pattern.

Figaro Magazine says that they “face a number of similar disasters,” which “are indeed an unintended consequence of falling record sales.”

“The bands have a vital need for massive concerts, they rent huge stands, overloaded with equipment and video spots. The rain and wind did not destroy more than before, but when they fall, that’s a lot more damage,” an insurance expert explained.

Since the music industry has repeatedly blamed piracy for the decline in sales, then pirates are also indirectly to blame for the deaths at Pukkelpop.

Unbelievable of course.

Aside from the twisted association with piracy, accidents are of all times, and security is something that should be guaranteed no matter how many visitors an event gets.


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