Pirate Bay’s 10-Year Anniversary Festival Now FREE (as in Like)

A few days ago The Pirate Party anniversary party became close to being cancelled, but with help from the public and a generous sponsor it was saved at the last minute.

pirate bay festivalEven better, now everyone can come for free.

This Saturday the outskirts of Stockholm be be the decor of a massive pirate party.

Organizer Erik Lönroth is happy that the party was saved, in part because the company behind the MAGIC energy drink made a sizable donation to get the project fully funded.

“The consequence of this stunt is that everyone can come to this party – for free!” he tells us.

Lönroth adds that the party wouldn’t be possible without the many people who donated early.

The free tickets are limited and those who want one have to “like” the sponsor on Facebook first. Whether the Pirate Bay founders all stand behind stunt is doubtful, but at least the party is saved.

For those who are still undecided whether or not they should get a “free” ticket, here Erik gave us a quick summary of what people can expect.

– 6 stages
– A LAN tent
– Numerous embedded performances.
– Between 30-40 performers and about 29 bands playing on our stages.
– We have 1 standup comedy club performing
– We have world class surprise bands that will just play somewhere as a popup-event.
– We have a GoGo dancers flying in from some country I can’t even remember.
– We have food
– We have beer.
– We have a camping.
– Free MAGIC energy drinks (Thanx to the sponsor)
– A film crew will be on the site documenting
– Radio
– DJs
– Girls on Town (Female guards)
– Self defense courses for women
– A pirate Cinema
– A Kopimist church
– and much more. I just can’t remember it all now!


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