Social BitTorrent Client launched

Tribler is a new BitTorrent client that adds a social layer on top of the regular features. Tribler allows you to create groups, friends and it supports tags and profiles. The official release of this Social BitTorrent client is tomorrow, but everyone is free to grab a test version from

This first version is an extension of the existing ABC client and does not have all the proposed functionalities. However, the test version adds a new dimension to BitTorrent.

The extensions are :

-Strong peer authentication; enables groupware extensions and friends.
-Twice the download speed for ADSL users; you can donate your upload capacity to a friend
-Recommendation of files you may which to download
-Removal of .torrent files; replace by short Merkle Hashes which can be put in a URL.

Cooperative downloading (click)

But Tribler is still in its testing phase:

this is not a full public release. Only 1000 downloads will be allowed and then the link will be taken down. Please give it a try, so we can turn this into a public release soon. Please send the bugs you found or your comments to the Tribler sourceforge bugreport page.

Warning 1: For the internal test version, the software will output some debug text and error message to tribler.exe.log. Some of them are normal output, such as”secover: Handler registered for RESERVE_PIECES”, “buddycast: BuddyCast starts up”. If you see “Traceback (most recent call last):” in the log file, some errors may occur and please send your log file to us using the above bug report form.

Download The Test Version
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