SurfTheChannel Owner Sentenced for Contempt of Court

In August the owner of TV streaming links site SurfTheChannel was sentenced to four years jail-time at Newcastle Crown Court.

Anton Vickerman was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud for “facilitating” copyright infringement.

Yesterday another month was added to his prison term for contempt of court.

Before being sentenced Vickerman arranged that for his side of the story to be posted on the SurfTheChannel website. In addition to the story Vickerman also posted an archive containing evidence to back up his claims.

However, not all the documents Vickerman posted were supposed to see the light of day.

Vickerman admitted posting the files during a court hearing yesterday. He said that he believed that all the documents had been referred to in open court, and that he was therefore entitled to make them public.

For his contempt of court Judge Evans sentenced Vickerman to one month in prison, to be served consecutively with his other sentences.


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