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Will New UK Censorship Impact Torrent Sites?

Last week, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new porn filtering system that will go online sometime during the coming year. However, the blockades, which are intended to deal with porn, may end up developing into a backdoor ban on BitTorrent and other file-sharing related sites.

Anti-Virus Company Says PeerGuardian is Malware

Over the past week, some servers used for updating the anti-virus software NOD32 were labeled as anti-p2p by a popular list maker for PeerGuardian. In response, NOD32's company, ESET, has categorised PG2 as malware in some of its latest updates.

Anti-Piracy Blocklists Don’t Keep BitTorrent Spies Out

Anti-piracy groups are monitoring millions of BitTorrent users every year. Whether their end-game is to warn, threaten or sue, all public BitTorrent trackers are populated with companies that harvest IP-addresses. A new paper published on these monitoring activities describes the variety of techniques being employed, and shows that P2P-blocklists offer…

UK ‘Pirate’ Blacklist Silently Expands With 170+ Domains

The 'pirate' blocklist operated by the UK's leading Internet service providers has been massively expanded during the past few days. With no public announcement around 170 domains and sub-domains were added to the unofficial register, targeting The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents and dozens of other allegedly infringing sites.

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