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Is a Fair P2P Trial Possible?

There has been a lot of court cases in the last week or two involving P2P, but there is something to be pondered, “Is a fair trial even possible?” Given the disparity between the sides in these sorts of cases, the resources, and the history, is the result a foregone…

Is a Fair P2P Trial Even Possible? Part 2

In this second part of our look at the 'fairness' of P2P trials, we step away from the antics inside the courtroom to look at the overall effect that media perceptions and propaganda might have on a case. From the judge and juries attempting to enforce the law, to those…

RIAA Victim Files for New Trial, Damages Excessive

Joel Tenenbaum, the Boston student hit with $650,000 in damages back in July 2009, has finally filed the next round in his case. In papers filed with the court, the amount of damages awarded are brought into question, as are the actions of the court. A new trial is requested.

RIAA Scared of Court Case Webcast

With the defense in the Tenenbaum case getting their request to broadcast the trial online, it seemed that some light of exposure was to be brought to the RIAA's method of litigation. Yet the RIAA doesn't want their court practices exposed for all to see, and have now appealed the…

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